Lablog4-15:Epitope Screening by Use of a Random Peptide-Displayed Phage Library and Polyclonal Antibody-Coupled Liposomes

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Yoichi Kumada, Masao Nogami, Fida MD Hasan, Masaaki Terashima, Shigeo Katoh

First author

Yoichi Kumada

Corresponding author

Shigeo Katoh

Publication Style

Journal name Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan


Volume, issue, pages

39(11) 1195-1199


Linear epitopes of sperm whale myoglobin for a rabbit polyclonal anti-myoglobin antibody were determined from a random-peptide displayed phage library by biopanning using antibody-coupled liposomes (AB-MLVs). Two kinds of positive phages displaying peptides (RNFGADAQ and YDLDIGAD) homological to the myoglobin sequence were obtained after 4 rounds of biopanning. Binding affinities of antibodies, which were fractionated from the anti-myoglobin antibody by specificity to both the peptides, were higher than that of an antibody fraction specific to the peptide that was screened by biopanning using an antibody-coated polystyrene tube (AB-Tube). The epitope identified in this study, N(D)FGADAQ has not been reported as an epitope of the rabbit anti-myoglobin antibody. These results suggest that biopanning using AB-MLVs shows much higher selectivity to recover phages displaying peptides with high affinity and specificity than that using the AB-Tube.