Lablog4-10:Production kinetics of angiotensin-I converting enzyme inhibitory peptides from bonito meat in artificial gastric juice

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Fida MD Hasan, Megumi Kitagawa, Yoichi Kumada, Naoya Hashimoto, Masami Shiiba, Shigeo Katoh, Masaaki Terashima

First author

Fida MD Hasan

Corresponding author

Masaaki Terashima

Publication Style

Journal name Process Biochemistry


Volume, issue, pages

41(3) 505-511


The kinetics of angiotensin-I converting enzyme inhibitory peptide production from bonito muscle in an artificial gastric juice was studied. Produced peptides were purified with an affinity column coupled with an antibody against an inhibitory peptide found in tuna (PTHIKWGD), and further with an HPLC column, and then characterized. Although the inhibitory effect was observed immediately after the start of digestion in samples before affinity purification, most activities were due to generated peptide fragments as competitive substrates of ACE. Potent inhibitory activities as real inhibitors were mostly found in the affinity purified peptide fragments. After 24–48 h digestion, two peptides HERDPTHIKWGD and PTHIKWGD, which contained the same sequence as the tuna inhibitory peptide, were major components in the affinity purified samples and their IC50 values were about 8 μM.