Lablog4-28:Refolding of single-chain Fv by use of an antigen-coupled column

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Kazutaka Ikeda, Yoichi Kumada, Tomohisa Katsuda, Hideki Yamaji, Shigeo Katoh

First author

Kazutaka Ikeda

Corresponding author

Shigeo Katoh

Publication Style

Journal name Biochemical Engineering Journal


Volume, issue, pages

44(2-3) 289-291


A single-chain variable fragment (scFv) antibody against bisphenol A was refolded using an antigen (bisphenol A)-coupled column. The refolding efficiency was compared with that used in dialysis. The refolding efficiency of the antigen-coupled column was about 50–60%, which was much higher than with dialysis, due to a decrease in the concentration of the refolding molecules and to the suppression of the aggregate formation.